Healthcare Secrets

With Jud Anglin & John Daly

Healthcare Secrets

With Jud Anglin & John Daly

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Just 2 guys taking on Healthcare. Our mission is simple... A Call To Action to our fellow Americans to help us change healthcare.  We all know it's broken. It's the leading cause of bankruptcy! But we have SECRET solutions and we're ready to reveal. We promise to keep it fun, engaging, and insightful.

John Daly


John is an award-winning and Hall of Fame broadcaster who is also a ground breaking TV host and author in reality television, new media, and healthcare. Finding the truth and cutting through the bias and misinformation in the healthcare industry is a passion of John’s, leading him to his partnership with Jud. John’s groundbreaking book in 2005, Truth: The No BS Guide To Navigating A Media Biased World, has led to his many commentaries at the site 

Informed Not Inflamed

Jud Anglin


As Founder of MedRetreat in 2003, Jud pioneered the industry in the U.S. referred to as "medical tourism." His development efforts have paved the way for this emerging trend in North  America, where we have witnessed thousands of under-insured North Americans traveling to foreign hospitals seeking affordable and high quality elective surgical procedures.  In 2012, Judson joined Laissez Faire Publishing in Baltimore as the Board Member to promote affordable free-market. healthcare solutions.

Our Podcast

Welcome to Healthcare Secrets Podcast, with hosts John Daly and Jud Anglin. Think you understand healthcare reform? Listen here. Medicare-for-all, single-payer, universal care, free-market care! What the politicians and the mainstream media are not telling you.  John and Jud will reveal the secrets behind the debate.

Previous Shows

#1 Welcome to Healthcare Secret Podcast: What To Expect

This is our first podcast. We tell you what to expect. Plus we give you some secrets: Surgical Center of Oklahoma; and Liberty Healthshare.


#2 Miracle cure? Grassroots Healthcare Secret. Low Dose Naltrexone

Here we discuss the extraordinary immune boosting drug that most in the healthcare industry won’t prescribe to you because they can’t make money off of it. Low-dose naltrexone turns your immune system into seal team six. If you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, thyroid condition, most auto immune conditions, you need to listen to this. We talk to an expert on LDN, Paul Battle. Hear what he has to say.  Hear how this has helped Jud. 



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