About Us

John Daly

John Daly is Co-Host of the Healthcare Podcast Secrets with Jud Anglin.

John is an award-winning and Hall of Fame broadcaster who is also a ground breaking TV host and author in reality television, new media, and healthcare.

Finding the truth and cutting through the bias and misinformation in the healthcare industry is a passion of John’s, leading him to his partnership with Jud.

John’s groundbreaking book in 2005, Truth: The No BS Guide To Navigating A Media Biased World, has led to his many commentaries at the site www.InformedNotInflamed.com.

John offers non-partisan insights into politics, the media, media bias, and healthcare.

His podcasts in 2013 called Obamacare Distortions led him to finding solutions to the healthcare dilemma. That led him to the solution of medical cost sharing and Liberty HealthShare.  He is a member, advocate and spokesperson for Liberty HealthShare today.

In addition, John works in the financial industry offering solutions to people who are trying to protect their families and assets in this income inequality economy.

John is known as a pioneer in reality TV for his ground-breaking show Real TV. 

But he is now breaking ground by creating an entire show on the iPhone.

John is the co-host and co-creator of Undercover Jetsetter, a travel, food, wine, mixology, and golf show that is shot, edited, and delivered entirely using two iPhones.  

The show is designed for the person who wants to enjoy a jet setting lifestyle without being a billionaire and even at home.

Undercover Jetsetter also provides information on medical tourism in places like the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and other foreign countries – using Jud as the expert.

You can see entire episodes here.   

Along with his co-host Susan Anzalone, John wrote the book, The TV Studio in Your Hand, about creating either great vacation videos or your own TV show.

John’s company, NOWtv, is creating video and audio content for a number of companies that can provide anyone with a retail home-based business that will allow them to sell worldwide.

In 2016, John was inducted into the Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame for his work as a news anchor at KTNV in Las Vegas. 

His insight and analysis on politics and the media led him to correctly predict the Trump presidency and nomination in August 2015, a year and 3 months before it happened.

John is an avid golfer attending and emceeing many celebrity golf events for charity events around the world.


Jud Anglin

As Founder and Managing Director of MedRetreat, LLC in 2003, Jud pioneered the industry in the U.S. referred to as "medical tourism." 

His tireless mission has paved the way for this emerging trend in North America, where we have witnessed thousands of uninsured North Americans traveling to foreign hospitals seeking affordable and high quality elective surgical procedures.

As a leading medical tourism industry expert, he has been featured on dozens of television programs, including 20/20, ABC News, CBS News, and FOX News.

In 2012, Judson joined Laissez Faire Publishing in Baltimore as a board member to promote affordable free-market healthcare solutions.

In 2018, Jud published his groundbreaking book, The Big Book of Health Care Secrets, where he reveals tons of little-known secrets that can save you thousands on healthcare every year.

Currently Judson continues to promote affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare in the U.S. through MedRetreat, as well as speaking engagements, and contributions to multiple newsletters.