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#8 Out of "Network" Means Outrageous Out of Pocket

Welcome to Healthcare Secrets Podcast, with hosts John Daly and Jud Anglin. In the episode, we discuss a secret about being out out of "network" even when you think you are in "network."  Armed with this information could save you thousands.


# 7 Obamacare... The Real Fallout

Welcome to Healthcare Secrets Podcast, with hosts John Daly and Jud Anglin. In this episode we discuss the secrets that the mainstream media doesn't want you know.


#6 Dicker With Your Doc: How To Price Shop for Medical Procedures

Can't find a price of an elective medical procedure? In the episode we'll share a few secrets where you can get the full price in under 5 minutes.


#5 An American Sickness: a book you need to read

In the episode, we break down the book An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal. She explains how healthcare is more concerned about profits rather than health outcomes. A lifetime of 

treatment brings in more profit than a cure.


# 4 Medical tourism: a great option; and what the healthcare industry won’t tell you.

In the episode, we explore the phenomenon of medical tourism. We take a look at what medical tourism really is. It could be flying to a hospital within the United States that offers a specialty procedure. But it also means leaving the country to find specific or low-cost medical care.


#3 Think you understand healthcare reform?

Medicare-for-all, single-payer, universal care, free-market care! What the politicians and the mainstream media are not telling you.  John and Jud will reveal the secrets behind the debate.


#2 Miracle cure? Grassroots Healthcare Secret. Low Dose Naltrexone

Here we discuss the extraordinary immune boosting drug that most in the healthcare industry won’t prescribe to you because they can’t make money off of it. Low-dose naltrexone turns your immune system into seal team six. If you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, thyroid condition, most auto immune conditions, you need to listen to this. We talk to an expert on LDN, Paul Battle. Hear what he has to say.  Hear how this has helped Jud. 


#1 Welcome to Healthcare Secret Podcast: What To Expect

This is our first podcast. We tell you what to expect. Plus we give you some secrets: Surgical Center of Oklahoma; and Liberty Healthshare.